Naked Me Herbal Bath


Κωδικός: GP1PNM

  • Delivery within 7 working days
  • 100% Natural & organic product - Made with organic herbs, without artificial substances
  • A herbal blend to soothe your mind and body
  • Also suitable for foot bath
  • Rose hip, sage, calendula and other herbs make a unique experience to end your day
  • Just dive in your bathtub and relax
  • How to use: Fill the cotton bag with herbs and hang it from the sink. Let the water fill the bathtub. Then, throw the cotton bag into the bathtub and enjoy
  • If you dont have a bathtub, the cotton bag can be hung on the shower phone
  • Tip1: After your bath you may keep the infused water, refrigerate it and use it for the next 2 days as a face/body toner
  • Tip2: You may also use the infused water to rinse your hair out after sampooing
  • Cotton bag included
  • For any skin conditions or personalized advice, we recommend that you consult your dermatologist
  • 30gr
  • Ingredients: Rose hip, Wormwood, Nettle, Sage, Cornflower, Greek mountain tea, Marigold
  • Made in Greece by Grizo Prasino

100% Natural Product. Made with organic herbs, without artificial substances by Grizo Prasino

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